Do you want to open a new Etsy shop? This guide will give you 40 free listings to help you start your Etsy journey for free.

Keep in mind - this offer only applies for new Etsy shops. Your Etsy account needs to be a buyer account when you click the link, meaning that you can't be a seller already. If you have a shop already opened or in the set-up process, it will not work.

How Much Does It Cost To List A New Product On Etsy

Publishing a new listing on Etsy costs US$0.2. So when you get 40 free listings you save US$8.

You can use these free listings to list new items in your shop, or to renew previously listed/sold items.

How To Get 40 Free Listings For Your New Etsy Shop

Click this link to get your 40 free listings on Etsy

Make sure you open your new Etsy shop directly from the link above. If you navigate off, the referral may not work meaning you may lose the free listings.

After you click the link, follow the steps to sign up, create new Etsy seller account and open your shop.

How To Know You Got The Free Etsy Listings 

To check whether you have the free listings, go to your Etsy shop manager/dashboard by clicking here:

After that click 'Listings":

Your 40 free listings should show up at the top right hand corner of your listing page like this:

Can The Free Etsy Listings Expire?

Good news is that your free listings don’t expire. So you can take your time when setting up the new shop. And it's not mandatory to use all of them at once.

Once you’ve used the free listing (either to list a new item or to renew a sold item), it will:

  • Be used when the item is sold, or
  • Expire after 4 months if the listed item is not sold

Also keep in mind that once your account is closed, you’ll lose the free listings.

Click this link to get your 40 free listings on Etsy